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Node Preview - Blender Addon

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An addon for the 3D software Blender which displays rendered thumbnails above shader nodes.

Also available on the Blender Market.


  • For each node, a preview thumbnail is rendered
  • On edits, all affected nodes are automatically updated
  • Previews are rendered in a background process to keep the Blender interface fluid and responsive
  • No changes are made to the .blend, others without the addon can still open your scenes without problems
  • High-resolution displays supported (works with Blender's resolution scale feature)


  • To show previews for packed images, the .blend file has to be saved to disk first, because they are loaded through linking from the .blend file
  • Thumbnails of image sequences are not updated when changing frames
  • IES nodes are currently not supported


Instructions for installation and usage, as well as the changelog, can be found here:

About Me

I am the author of the Blender addon for LuxCore. In 2014, I started working on Blender addons by contributing to the LuxRender addon. NodePreview is my second commercial addon after ImageNodePreview: 

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Node Preview - Blender Addon

5 ratings
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